Monday, December 13, 2010


I love this cute little bracelet with pictures and turquoise stones. I bought it in NYC last spring.

Happy day!



Just a lazy morning said...

cute photo:)

Anonymous said...

Good Blog but you need to work on your Grammar a bit when writting in English !!!

Anna said...

A lovely bracelet Alice!
and your English is perfect!!!!

The comment above on the other hand???
Talk about nailing yourself, stupid!

Enjoy your day dear Alice.
Love from
Anna <3

me and alice said...

Oj, här har det varit lite elaka grodor ser jag!
Fortsätt som du gör hjärtat! Du är toppen!
Love U! /mam

Anonymous said...

Anna said stupid !!!
Yes I did make a mistake and put two t's in writing, however Alice I am only trying to help and your English is NOT perfect !!!!
But I do enjoy your blog !!!

Anonymous said...

Alice just turned fifteen and is still learning English...
I think she speaks splended English for that young age and being Swedish!
Love your blog Alice!

Anonymous said...

I know Alice is only 15 and I am sure she speaks English very well, but sometimes her blog is NOT perfect and the only way we learn is to have these things pointed out.

koralee said...

Found you my friend...will add you to my sidebar. xoxoxoox

Anna S said...

Hi Alice. I reckon you speak great English! What a stupid twat who commented like that.You don´t deserve to be critisized at all. Maybe *he doesn´t know that English is your second language, not your first. And why bother anyway?
Great blog!

Have a great day.

Sincerely Anna S

Anonymous said...

Anna S , that is rude, I am only trying to help Alice, you on the other hand will NOT help by being an example to her.

Anna S said...

I am sorry, I went overboard.
I just feel it maybe this isn´t the right forum to "help" people by making remarks on how they write.

Sincerely Anna S

Anonymous said...

What´s it all about??? Who is perfect and do we need to be perfect?!

Hugs from Lena (not perfect, but happy anyway)