Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my moodboard.

Here is another picture from my room. This is how it looks at my desk/make up table right now.

Yesterday I were in the dance studio as usual, and today I've been on a meeting with my dance-crew. And tomorrow I'm gonna have a dance class in school... Wish me luck!

Happy day!


ps. Thanks for all the cute comments and welcome all new readers. xo


Duse Pasteller said...

MMM,like your style!!
Nice Thuesday!!

Duse Pasteller

Uliss said...

Love the desk above the table, love the table, love the white color!

Stacey from http://owlsareawesome-uliss.blogspot.com/

mkirsch said...

Love your style, you are such a talented young woman....you are going to go far...really far!

Geisslein said...

ey I really love your style!
always a great inspiration for me!

Anna´s lieblinge said...

I love your things, your Blog
Simply everything.
Many greetings Rosa

Anonymous said...

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Anna S said...

Your room looks just great! I love the collection of tags next to the door.
Have a good day and hope the dance class went fine.

Anna S