Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my little world.

I love this earth-lamp that my dad bought a few weeks ago.

In my little world right now there is only school work. We got like a thousands of test's coming up right now. What's up in your world right now?!



Chelsea Finn said...

What a pretty earth-lamp! I have a lot of preparing for college going on and learning to drive. :(

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

koralee said...

Oh no....wishing you many blessing on those tests ....your earth lamp is lovely. xoxoxo

Anna S said...

Pretty earth-lamp! What a neat dad you have who gave you the lamp. :)

In my world I am just about to start the project of spray-painting a metal locker. I bought the locker from Denmark the other month. It is getting pearl grey.

Have a great weekend..!

Linnea said...

oh would love to have a cute earth-lamp! :)