Friday, August 26, 2011

busy week.

This week have been wonderful. I love my new school and we are dancing almost everyday, on Wednesdays we have jazz, on Thursdays we have contemporary dance and on Fridays we have the classic balett. We also have some dance-theory classes in between.

Yesterday I went to a audition for a hiphop dance crew, I will get the results tomorrow or on Sunday!

Happy day!



Øyeblikk said...

Fantastic pictures! Best of luck, fingers crossed for a postive answer from the hiphop dance crew :)


koralee said...

Love your images...happy daughter is starting up again after a wee Summer break...mostly classical ballet/lyrical/contemp.


Anna S said...

Hi Alice. Sounds like perfect classes for you. It is great to do things we enjoy.

Have a nice weekend!

Kathrine 'Glimt' said...

:) sounds perfect !! Good luck with all of it !

walking dot photography said...

Oooo, sounds fun! :) Have you found out whether you made it into the dance crew yet?