Monday, January 17, 2011


Today I show you some old pics from Ft Lauderdale.

I'm so sorry if you guys think my blog is boring, but I haven't really had time for blogging recently. I've been sooo busy with dancing and school work!

Happy day!



Anna S said...

Hi Bralliz. That cake looks yummy!
Have a happy day you too!

Anna S

Giovanna said...

Good luck 4 all!
your blog isn't boring!
lovely pics

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Jen! Your blog isn't boring.
Don't listen to idiots Alice.
By the way, you are a beauty!

mkirsch said...

Your blog isn't boring at all! I find you so refreshing...I'm probably older than your mother and find you an inspiration for the next're going places girl, you have an eye at such a young age....keep doing what you're doing!

Neus said...

Hi Alice!! Oh your blog is not boring and the main point that the blog is for you! You have to feel that you like it! That's the most important thing!!
Neus* said...

Ur blog is not boring, Honey! Never! :)