Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today I'll show you an two weeks old outfit picture, beacuse I'm out of new pics right now. I've been soo busy with school work that I totally haven't had time for taking new photos for the blog.

Right now I'm writing an essay about WW2, I can promise that it's NOT as simple as you could imagine it to be... It kills hours. A lot of hours. Hours that I may have used for some blog updating ha ha :-) and thaaanks for still following my blog, even though the bad update lately... You guys are just too cute!



Anna S said...

I love your bag!

Yes, WW2 is complicated. Lots of ins and outs. Hope you will have more time for recreation soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool outfit Alice, love your pants!
R <3

Neus said...

I like this outfit, it seems that the spring is coming to Sweden too! I like your tribal pants!

Unknown said...

Don't worry!!! Your blog is fantastic!!! Even I can't update it because I'm always busy..!!!
To be able to do everything..the days should be of 48 hours!!! Sorry for my English, but I'm Italian!!!
A big kiss!!!

Visit my blog,and if you like it, follow me!!!

emma said...

Coola byxor! :-D